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2010 Georganne Pinot Noir

Winemaker's Comments

We are enamored with our newest vineyard, Georganne – rich wines from such a young vineyard! In the early days of my career, the first real crop, for both quantity and quality, took about seven years to come to fruition. In this case, seven asymmetrically shaped irrigation blocks were designed to accommodate multiple soil types. Vines were planted at varied spacing within the row depending upon soil vigor. Rows were oriented 20 degrees off magnetic north, to ensure clusters would always bask in shaded comfort, even during the hottest midday heat. All this preparation and planning has paid off handsomely with the delicious wines this vineyard has yielded from the very first vintage in 2009.
This 2010 Georganne is dark in color – a result of a tiny crop of less than one ton per acre. The aroma opens with dark chocolate, mocha and savory oak layered over a base of black cherry fruit and cassis. A heady perfume of blue violets, blackberry blossoms and tiny fraise du bois adds intrigue. It is succulent on the palate with round, sweet tannins and a bit of tarry fruit, reflecting its clone 37 heritage. Incredibly dense and concentrated, this bold wine will unfold over many years to come, revealing even more layers of complexity.
Our assistant winemaker, Sandy Robertson, submitted his mum’s recipe for Duck Legs with Pinot, Beets and Lentils. The savory, earthy flavors of this dish complement this wine’s deeply layered fruit character. Congratulations to Jude – a winner in our ongoing Win a Magnum Contest. Find her recipe and lots more at

Critical Acclaim

"(V)elvety in texture, intensely flavored, and beautifully balanced; a Pinot Noir with rich fruitiness and wonderful length, with a very harmonious finish. It tastes of raspberry, plum, blueberry, toast, spicy oak, and kola nut. Very fine quality."
Restaurant Wine, December 2012

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2010 Georganne Pinot Noir