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2006 Angel Wing Pinot Noir

Winemaker's Comments

This very special bottling is a loving tribute to my son, Warren Miller, who left this world on the wing of an angel during the harvest of 2006. On that same day, a precious clonal field blend of grapes was quietly brought into the winery from our estate vineyard at Meredith. In the days that followed I was caught up in the swirling emotions of loss, yet found comfort in the pace of the vintage and the focused attention required. As the vintage progressed, that same special lot of grapes continued to capture my attention as it showed exceptional promise.

This wine expresses a mother’s love in the form of liquid art. In the future, Angel Wing will present other rare blends of Pinot Noir in honor of Warren’s memory. This first vintage is brought to you just past what would have been his twenty-first birthday. Don’t be surprised if your encounter with this wine leaves you feeling comforted and warmly loved.

The aromatic experience begins as lovely scents of roses and wildflowers seem to drift into mind, gently caressing the senses. Deeply layered, a rich perfume of sassafras, cinnamon and candy-ripe blackberry fruit effuses from the glass. Sweet and rich on entry, the fine palate wraps you in a mother’s full embrace and doesn’t let go. Please raise a glass of Angel Wing with me and celebrate the lives of those we love.

Critical Acclaim

91 Points
"The wine's complexity centers on bosky cherry and floral spice. It has the round and luscious texture that Edwards achieves in her best pinots, this one balancing the warmth of alcohol with a structure that will benefit from years of development in the bottle."
Wine & Spirits Magazine, "Year's Best Pinot Noirs," April 2010

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2006 Angel Wing Pinot Noir