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Merry's 30

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Merry's 30

Winemaker's Comments

During my 30th harvest in 2003, I reflected on my three decades of challenge, learning, focus, experimentation, dedication and finding my passion in Pinot Noir. To celebrate this journey, I created a singular wine from grapes grown in some of Russian River Valley’s oldest Pinot Noir vineyards. These vines had been making wine longer than I had!

Three distinguished vineyards provided the grapes: Windsor Gardens, Olivet Lane and Quail Hill Ranch. The foundation of this wine was the best block of grapes harvested from the last vintage at Windsor Gardens. To this I added several barrels of Olivet Lane Essence. This intense wine came from the tiny portion collected overnight after the removal of the free run, just prior to pressing. Finally, I added a small percentage of Quail Hill to complete the blend. A one-time production, my 30 honored these venerable vineyards with a commemorative silk-screened label designed by a local artist.

Bold and dense, my 30 possesses a dramatic, complex cherry profile with a harmonizing accent of warm brown spice. A wine with tremendous potential to develop and age, this Pinot Noir epitomized my dedication to producing age-worthy, enduring wines.

Note: A true collector’s wine, both Windsor Gardens and the old Quail Hill planting at Lynmar Winery no longer exist. As I update these notes in 2010, my 30 is aging beautifully, showing it has a long life ahead.