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2008 Cuvee Meredith Sparkling Wine

Merry Edwards Wines

2008 Cuvee Meredith Sparkling Wine

Winemaker's Comments

I have a longtime fondness for sparkling wines, especially those that have been late disgorged. This is a winemaking project I don’t undertake every harvest because for me, it’s a complex, seven-year production. In 2008, grapes for this Rosé de Pinot were carefully harvested into small trays. After a light pressing, the juice was fully barrel fermented in neutral French oak. In the spring of 2009, sugar and yeast culture were added to the cuvée just prior to bottling. Bottle fermentation finished in just a few weeks. Over the next five years, each bottle was shaken every six months and laid down again. Late in 2013, we began working on dosage trials in preparation for disgorging the wine in the summer of 2014. After nine months of aging on cork, Meredith Cuvée is now ready to present in 2015.

This Extra Brut has a classic, burnished copper toned, saumon hue. The color indicates the pure 100% Pinot Noir content of this Rosé. The bubbles stream upward in a seemingly unending, super-fine bead. The aroma is delicate but compelling, showing off a perfume of white cherry blossoms, rose petals and gardenias, with accents of stone fruit, poached pear, ripe apple and guava. The extended sur lies bottle aging has created a toasty, crème brûlée character that expands into a full, lush palate. Fresh acidity complements and supports the rich body, creating a memorable, lingering finish.