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Quail Marinated in Vya

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12 fresh quail, cleaned, washed and quartered
1 cup Vya Dry Vermouth or an aromatic dry substitute


Place the quail close together in a glass or ceramic container and cover with the vermouth. Marinate the quail for two hours, maximum. Light the barbecue and add a few aromatic herb stems or fruit wood cuttings. Grill quail for three minutes on each side, until browned and just cooked. Serve immediately.

Merry's good friend Andy Quady produces Vya, a special vermouth infused with botanical herbs. Vya gives the quail a unique, heady herbal flavor. If you can't find Vya in a store near you, we recommend a fragrant vermouth as an alternative. To learn more about Vya and Andy Quady's wonderful dessert wines, contact Quady Winery: (800) 733-8068. Serves 12

During the Holidays, Ken and Merry hosted an open house for the winery "family." They served the following menu, along with a few bottles of sparkling wine and 1997 Merry Edwards Olivet Lane Pinot Noir. The menu, designed to be "finger food," played off the wines beautifully.

Grilled Quail Marinated in Quady Vya
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