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Merry Edwards Wines

Sparkling Wine

In 2012, Merry was inspired to vinify this Blanc de Blancs from Chardonnay grapes grown at Olivet Lane. The stately old vines were carefully groomed so that only perfect clusters were harvested. These were pressed whole and the juice was barrel fermented. The following spring,the cuvée was bottled with the addition of yeast and sugar to support the secondary fermentation. Over the next five years, the wine aged en tirage — individual bottles were shaken every six months to extract maximum flavor from the lees. In 2018, the bottles were disgorged and corked. All in all, this devotion takes a full seven years. The reward for this labor-intensive, old-fashioned method is a distinctive wine that is true to its heritage and mirrors its own unique sense of place.

Critical Acclaim

  • 2012

    • "Breathtaking"

      "The wine is aged in bottle, after second fermentation, on the lees for five more years and shaken every six months to extract maximum flavors and was finally disgorged in 2018. Creamy bubbles with notes of brioche with white cherries and green mango that finishes with an intense minerality that is breathtaking."

      Cathrine Todd,, May 23, 2019