Merry Edwards Winery - Russian River Valley

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George and Lee Martinelli with Merry at their Home Ranch
Joe and Steve Dutton with Merry at Dutton-Jewell
Dutton-Jewell in early spring
Merry with Mark Sanchietti at the Shone Farm's Sauvignon Blanc vineyard.

Sauvignon Blanc


  • Planted in 2005
  • Green Valley
  • Sauvignon Musque clone


  • Planted in 1997
  • Santa Rosa Plain
  • Sauvignon Musque & sauvignon Shenandoah

Martinelli Home Ranch:

  • Planted in 1979
  • Santa Rosa Plain

Meredith Estate:

  • Planted in 2004
  • Sebastopol Hills
  • Sauvignon Musque clone

Shone Farm:

  • Owned by Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Planted in 1985
  • Santa Rosa Plain