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Merry Edwards Pinot Noir

Olivet Lane Vineyard

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Located on western benchland of the Santa Rosa Plain, Olivet Lane produces grapes coveted by the finest winemakers in Sonoma County. This heritage property is one of the oldest existing Pinot vineyards in the appellation and has been widely recognized as a prime example of the classic style of Russian River Valley Pinot Noir.

In 1973, the Pellegrini family purchased 65 acres of apple, prune and olive orchards on West Olivet Lane. At the recommendation of Dr. Amand Kasimatis at UC Davis, they planted Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, developing one of the first vineyards in the region devoted exclusively to these two varieties.

The land has well-drained, gravelly, clay loam soil and a cool Region I climate. The Martini clone of Pinot, selected for this site, is recognized today as uniquely reflecting the classic features of the appellation’s terroir. Merry says, “I rely on Olivet Lane to produce Pinot Noir with focused Bing cherry flavors and plush texture.” She has produced a single vineyard bottling from Olivet Lane every year since founding the Merry Edwards brand in 1997.

Acreage: 60 total acres; 20 planted to Pinot Noir

Exposure: Various ― undulating plain

Soil type: Gravelly, clay loam

Year planted: 1973

Rootstock: AXR

Scion wood clone: Martini

Vine spacing: 8 x 12 feet; vertical trellis

Appellation: Russian River Valley

Olivet Lane Vineyard


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Ken and Merry with Bob Pellegrini at the Olivet Lane Vineyard Olivet Lane, northeastern view A venerable old vine at Olivet Lane