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Merry Edwards Pinot Noir

Flax Vineyard

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Phil and Toby Flax offered Merry fruit in 2004 when a new vineyard block came into production. Her friend Bob Cabral was already making a Flax vineyard designate for Williams-Selyem from an older block. Once she visited the site, overlooking Westside Road and the Russian River beyond, Merry was smitten. Neighboring properties are a Who's Who of prominent Pinot Noir producers ― good company in the Upper Reach of Russian River Valley.

From the time she made the first wines, her confidence in the potential of Flax grew steadily. The classic Pommard clone selected for planting has proved a good match for this warmer, northern end of the valley. When yet another small block became available in 2006, Merry jumped at the chance to expand her small production. In 2009, the winery took the next step and committed to a long-term lease of the property. This has led to more quality improvements as Ken and Merry have now taken over managing the vineyard to their exacting standards.

A new chapter began when Steve and Donna Hicks purchased the property in 2012. They are excited about working with Merry and Ken, and they value a continued relationship with the vineyard. Merry was delighted to have new partners who have already made many improvements. Wild pigs have invaded Westside Road over the past several years, and there is now a new pig- and deer-proof fence. An old water system has been upgraded to provide more consistent drip irrigation to the vines in the fall. Oak trees that were shading the edges of the vineyard have been beautifully trimmed, which is beneficial for both the trees and the vines.

Acres: 6.9

Exposure: East; 2-10 % slope

Soil type: Riverwash and Pajaro gravelly loam

Rootstock: 10114 and 039-16

Years planted: 2002 - 2005

Scion wood clones: Pommard 4

Vine spacing: 5 x 8 feet; vertical trellis

Appellation: Russian River Valley 

Flax Vineyard


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Merry at the Flax vineyard View of Westside Road from the Flax vineyard hillside